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Trying to learn more than just the basics of SQL on Ethereum? Queried a few basic function or event tables, but don’t know how to continue your analysis from there? Or just not sure of what tables to leverage to bring your work to the next level?

Then this two week program is for you! 🙂 We wrote 12 queries (one a day) from December 12th to December 23rd, which you can find in the “answers” toggle for each question below.

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We’re partnering with Uniswap for this one! Here is a quick overview of Uniswap v2, and the main concepts we’re going to cover:

Data Dives - Uniswap V2 WB4C.jpg

This course is for all levels:

This course uses the new DuneSQL engine:

You can still use spark SQL if you want, but DuneSQL will be much faster. If you’re learning to use our DuneSQL engine, you can reference:

📍Questions Syllabus: