We want to empower everyone to do the best work of their lives at Dune.

We aim to do this by developing an organisation that attracts and motivates exceptional people and facilitates high performance at the individual, team, and company-wide level.

Here’s how we do that:

🎯 Mission, vision, and strategy

Success starts with our mission: To make crypto data accessible. It’s compelling. It’s ambitious. It brings us together as individual high-performers to guide and motivate us.

Clarity is important; both in terms of our vision and strategy, broken down into achievable goals. We strive to provide clarity from day one at a company, team and an individual level through quarterly and annual OKRs, as well as regular All Hands, team check ins, and 1:1s to allow discussion and alignment.

This is underpinned by a strong culture and our Dune values that reinforce expectations and ways of working.

🧠 Thoughtful org design

We are thoughtful when it comes to our org design, creating a structure that is nimble and flexible to the needs of the business.

One that enables true collaboration, easy flow of information and fast, effective decision-making.

We take ownership seriously and define what each area of the business is responsible for. Clarity of role expectations and responsibilities means everyone knows where they stand, what is required of them, and enables us to hold each other accountable to those expectations.

🥇 Development of exceptional people

At Dune, hiring exceptional people is just the start of empowering ourselves to do the best work of our lives.

We want a team full of self-driven, highly competent people who can drive their careers and growth here, so we look for those who want this for themselves when evaluating candidates.

To make sure you’re happy with what you can achieve here, we strive to create growth opportunities and enable you to work on complex and interesting projects to progress in your career.

䷢ How we think about career growth

At Dune, we want to facilitate ambition whilst remaining fast and nimble. In that light, we don’t have a huge number of levels at Dune, we don’t want a lot of hierarchy.